Leo Fulton 1.23.21 no mixing no mastering:

rd 1 — Fulton came out to Phil Collins he is frightening. Blood spilt. Headbutt.

rd 2-Two men who are very good at fighting. Fighting each other for money. No crowd.

rd 3 — I only let myself type during the corner break between rounds and whatever I smoked tonight has slowed me down. Excuses. Leo wants to fight so close together, in the phone booth as your uncle who fought in [insert war/country/oil extraction] would say. Fulton should not let him.

rd 4- I dont know how you score rounds. Fulton is in serious trouble. This fight is really good.

rd 5 -fighting in front of the television cameras and no live studio audience. Extremely good athletes. Who has power in this division? Or are these two just able to take insane punishment and stay upright? We’re going to get so used to the echo, long empty hallways, huge empty ballrooms, golden chandeliers & the intimate sound of men breathing, hurt and instructions from their trainers.

rd6-I like the false intimacy of this. And how it’s not immediately obvious how it’s false. And how I’ve pointed it out now. So it can be anything, it is everything. It’s nothing. Hiding these is the answer. These men are beating the shit out of each other.

rd7-I file these like stories. Old newsman style. The first time I read Death of a Racehorse I lost my mind I loved it so much.

rd 8-showtime unofficial scorer has Fulton up. He definitely got hurt earlier and I don’t understand why he’s playing inside but he’s so good, so skilled, so athletic that he may be able to pull this off. Announcer did admit, at the end of the round, that “neither of these guys is known for their knockout power,” and I do need to remember that. These grown men are 122 pounds.

rd 9-The Professional is a great book about boxing. Great story, complete. Heinz did not accidentally just say it perfectly that day as he filed at the track, he was a pro. This is such a subtle fight. Action, but subtle.

rd 10-Fulton ended that last round frustrated. Neither of these men have lost a fight. They are in a fight tonight. Leo is loading his shoulder and taking the beating to get his shots in. Announcers think he should create distance and strike/counter. There are a lot of words you have to know to understand anything.

rd 11-Leo’s corner tells him he has to knock Fulton out to get the win. This is significant. Hearing the trainers so clearly during the fight — the echo.

rd 12- These men are exhausted but I expect this round will be incredible. A furious, final round. It’s can’t. It’s too subtle, it’s a fighter’s fight like there are comics’ comics and writers’ writers. Appropriate for the evening. Leo has the title. I suspect he just lost it. Fulton ring-walked to Phil Collins In The Air Tonight. Unanimous Decision 119–109 on two scorecards, Stephen Fulton, Jr. is the new champion.

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